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Why Most Weddings have a Photo Booth

Why Most Weddings have a Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth are becoming more and more popular and in demand.  So why is that? Well, Shutterbarn, a photo booth co., is here to break it down for you so that you can make the decision whether or not to splurge on a photo booth for your upcoming wedding.

  1. Party Favor
    1. When planning a wedding there are so many costs and details involved including: florist, dj, event coordinator, food, entertainment, tables, linens, videography, photography, party favors and the list goes on and on. This can truly start adding up. So why not merge your entertainment expense along with a sweet party favor into one by having a weddings photo booth? At Shutterbarn, a photo booth co. we always include on-site single prints in our package meaning that your wedding guests will take home a beautiful 4×6 photo of a 2×6 photo strip to cherish forever. No more need for white covered almonds, or little souvenirs that most of the times just ends up in the trash. Choosing a weddings photo booth is truly a party favor that your wedding guests will enjoy and cherish. You will not only be gifting your wedding guests with a weddings photo booth but you will be gifting yourself!
  1. Guests are Happy
    1. Even though I have been in the wedding business for several years now- I am still surprised by the enormous reactions that your wedding guests have when they get the chance to interact and experience a weddings photo booth- especially the Shuttebarn photo booth. To sum it up- watch this video for you to see first hand how much fun a weddings photo booth can truly be– https://vimeo.com/165769722 After having watched this video you should truly consider a weddings photo booth for your upcoming wedding day.
  1. Instant Satisfaction
    1. After the high of your wedding you are going to want to see pictures and videos and with most videographers and photographers who have a 12- week turnaround time- a weddings photo booth is a perfect solution! Weddings photo booth allows you to have instant satisfaction. Shutterbarn, a photo booth co, provides a USB flash drive on site! You can literally go home and are able to remember so many things that you missed since most married couples can all agree that the night goes by so quickly all because of the smart decision to have a weddings photo booth at your wedding!

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